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Information for Participants

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Registration Materials

The QAC Chamber of Commerce is handling the online registrations. You do not have to be a member to register. If you are not a member, the non-member registration link is on the right side of the page.

Click here for online registration. All boats must be pre-registered to participate. All paperwork associated with registration must be completed and signed prior to participation. There is a $25.00 registration fee. The registration fee is waived for workboats. Workboats should call the Chamber directly to register. 

You may pick up a hard copy of the registration materials at one of the following locations

the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitors Center, The Kent Narrows Boatel, Mears Point Marina, Piney Narrows Marina, The Kent Island Yacht Club or at the Queen Anne's County Chamber Office. The due date for registration is October 19th.

Parade Route


  • Participants are asked to assemble in an orderly fashion between 5:45- 6:15 pm and anchor in the Wells Cove vicinity.

  • Assembled boats will follow the Fire Boat and begin procession from Wells Cove promptly at 6:30pm.

  • Boats will proceed from Wells Cove past the Jetty and Bridges Restaurants and then circle around in front of the Yacht Club then move on through under the Kent Narrows Bridges and proceed toward the channel. After passing Mears Point, the boats will loop around and travel back under the bridge flowing in the same path they took.

  • Boats may disperse after the last boat in the parade arrives at Wells Cove. Passengers are advised to disembark at their respective marinas or launch sites.

  • The judging area will be in front of the Harris Crab House.

  • Awards ceremony will be at Harris Crab House and will begin around 8:00 pm.


Spectator Parking and Viewing Venues

The parade will be visible from venues throughout the Kent Narrows Waterfront. Public parking is available in the lots under both the east and the west sides of the Kent Narrows Bridge, at the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center and in the Wells Cove lot.


All boats must turn in their paperwork for the event by October 19, 2018.

All Skippers must confirm their attendance and pick up their boat numbers the day of the event at Harris Crab House between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

As a condition of registration for this event participants agree to release the Kent Narrows Development Foundation from any liability resulting from their participation. A copy of a valid certificate of insurance should be attached to the agreement.


Participants also recognize that legal compliance with all Maryland and County regulations and laws is their sole responsibility.

Parade Route

Parade will travel to Mears Point Marina Entrance and loop around just before reaching the channel marker. Boats will return to Well's Cove and make a second loop, ending at Well's Cove.

Judging at Harris Crab House

Parade Route

Boats gather at Wells Cove at 6:00 p.m. The Fireboat will signal the start of the parade and all boats will follow the Fire Boat. 

Kent Narrows Boat Parade Logistics and Safety Information for Participants


1) The skippers of all vessels must register in person at Harris Crab House between 3:00 and 5:00 the day of the event. A large number will be assigned  to each vessel and must be visible  on the starboard side of the vessel.  Additional safety updates event updates will be communicated at this time.  All vessels must be pre-registered by Friday, October 19th. A current certificate of insurance must be provided, a list of your crew members, and valid boat registration and the appropriate Coast Guard Certification allowing the skippers/captains to operate the vessel.


2) Vessels are to assemble in Wells Cove behind the Kent Narrows Volunteer Fire Department’s Fire Boat. Vessels should like up in order of arrival. You do not have to line up in numerical order, but you must have your number visible on the starboard side of your vessel.


3) The Fireboat will signal the start of the Parade at 6:30 pm.


4) Boats should travel at about 5 knots and allow 200 feet of space between vessels.

 There will be spotters on the shore to help with the spacing.


6) Participants may not ride on the bow.


6) A communications channel will be assigned by the for all boats to use before the start of the parade.


7) Boats must display their numbers on the of the starboard side of vessel.


8) In the event of an emergency the County Emergency Services policy is to first call 911.


To getting emergency information by text, email or phone. Sign up for QAC Citizen Alerts


9) If you see something suspicious during today’s event make sure to alert the authorities and call 911.



10) During the event make sure you have a safety plan in place  for your vessel and communicate it to your crew ahead of time.


11) Pick a meeting place should your crew get separated.

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