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Watermen's Way Heritage

The new Watermen's Way Heritage Brochure is now available at the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center

Check out our new Watermen's Way Heritage Trail Map and Visitor Guide Explore the four quadrants of the Kent Narrows by boat, car or foot. Maps can be found at the Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center and at restaurants and hotels throughout the district.

The map features our rich maritime heritage and provides those who wish to explore the Kent Narrows and the key points that mark the various timeframes in the region's history. Interpretative signs are marked on the map. Visitors may join the trail at any point along the way. Public Parking is available throughout the Waterfront district.

Attractions include:

Maryland Watermen's Monument

Miss Betty's Oyster Plate Collection

Wells Cove Landing

The Oyster Recovery Project and the Working Waterfront

Watermen's Boat Basin

The Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center

Ferry Point Park 

The Cross Island Trail

and the Watermen's Memorial Drawbridge

for more information on the area and Stories of the Chesapeake click here.

Watermans Way
Stories of the Chesapeake Heritage Park
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