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Interesting Facts:

291 Baskets are were used to construct three trees in 2023.


202 baskets were used to make the first tree that was erected in Kent Narrows in 2020. That year QAC Watermen's Association thought it wa important to create an event that would provide for a safe outdoor holiday gathering space so people could still celebrate the holiday even through the pandemic.  


Because there was so much interest in the project two trees were built in 2021 and an outdoor Arts and crafts fair was added.

In 2022 the event had grown and three trees were built. 

The arts and crafts fair the day of the tree lighting has grown each year and more community organizations are involved.

The event was moved to be closer to the Maryland Watermen's Monument, but it is still located in the Fisherman's Village Complex and visible form the Kent Narrows Bridges and Rt. 18.  

Every basket has a story of remembrance, honor, celebration, history or holiday spirit.


Each year the Watermen’s Association honor those watermen, past and active, and those who have passed away this year with baskets painted with a red heart for each of them.

2023 memorial baskets are in remembrance of:

Larry Hansel

Darnell Lynch

Toddy Denny

Pat Harris

BoBo Hall

Dave Horney 


2022 memorial baskets are in remembrance of:

Sonny Hampton

Billy Darrell

Billy White

Charles Butch Lewis

Guy Edwards

Bill Joyce

2021 memorial baskets are in remembrance of: 

Carlton Austin

Snapper Thomas

Ken Phillips

Pat Lee

Warren Butler

Randy Timms

Arthur Jones

Rudolph "Bootie" Green

2020 memorial baskets are in remembrance of:

Eddie Hoxter

Norma Jean Ringgold

Brother Collier

Jimmy Timms

Don Tryan

Bobby Timms

Bobby Adron

Stephen Ruth

Ronnie Golt

Baskets were painted by local citizens, both adults and children.


Proceeds from the project go to help local watermen and families in need.  


For more information on the tree and the associated events visit Queen Anne's County Watermen on Facebook or email


For up-to-date visitor info in including info on hotels and restaurants within walking distance of the trees, visit Kent Narrows Waterfront on Facebook or stay on this website: For info on Queen Anne's County attractions and events go to

The trees will be up until the end of January 2023. So please visit throughout the holiday season.

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