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What to expect when visiting Kent Narrows 


Looking forward to visiting Kent Narrows and Queen Anne’s County?

Things may be different from your last visit. Here are a few important things to remember when visiting our waterfront.

Parking lots:

Parking here is free.!

Please also be courteous in parking lots and pay attention to limited parking and no parking signs. Parking lots are for parking only, events and gatherings may not be held in the parking lots here unless permitted through Queen Anne's County.  Please pay attention to traffic patterns, some patterns  have been changed to accommodate take-out business or new construction. Overnight parking is not allowed in the public You may be towed at your own expense. There are special spots designated for boat trailer parking in the lot under the bridge at Kent Narrows West, near the boat launch. Please park in these spots and avoid parking in regular spots or parking across several spots horizontally. 

Motorcoaches and groups are are welcome at all hotels and at most businesses. Parking is free. Please check in advance to find the best place to park. 

Other Parking:

Please do not park boat trailers, boats on trailers or other vehicles in the grassy area along the sides of the County and State roads. These areas are mowed regularly and your vehicle or trailer could be damaged by the mowers. If you have a disabled vehicle and plan to return to pick it up, please indicate that it is disabled and notify the Queen Anne's County Sherriff's Office at Please note that overnight RV Parking is not permitted. It is illegal in Maryland to leave an unattended motor vehicle with its engine running. 


Other Businesses:

Some businesses and government agencies in the County still have employees working from remotely, and are not fully open for walk-in pedestrian traffic. Most will have a sign on the door or a posting on their website redirecting you as to how to best interact with them. 

Supporting local business: Many small businesses including our restaurants and fishing boats have lost business due to the COVID-19 closures, so show them some love by opting for local businesses.

Enjoy the outdoors

When enjoying our parks and trails and pay attention to trail etiquette that is posted. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails (with the exception of motorized wheelchairs). 


Trail Parking: While it's nice to park your car so that you can see the views, please remember that many of our lots sit adjacent to businesses and residential properties. Please park in lots that have the most spaces available in them and avoid blocking entrances to businesses or residential property. If you are using the trails, you can almost always find spots in parking areas under the bridge. 


Help us to keep Kent Narrows Clean

Please keep our places litter and trash free. If you are coming here to fish, please use the proper receptacles to dispose of your hooks and lines or carry them out with you. Please do not leave them in a trash can,  it poses a hazard to others and to our wildlife. 


Plan Your Visit!

Look into your desired destinations at least a week ahead of time to be prepared on what to expect. Visit our website for updates: and follow the links to County and State rules and regulations, find our what businesses are open and access direct (ad free) web links to most of the businesses in our area. 


Enjoy your visit!! 

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