What to expect when visiting Kent Narrows this Fall (Help us prevent COVID)


Looking forward to visiting Kent Narrows and Queen Anne’s County? We are happy to welcome you back, keep in mind that things will be different than your last visit. Here are some important things to remember when visiting our waterfront.


Face masks: When enjoying public spaces bring a face mask or coverings, they are required in retail spaces. 


Restaurants will ask you to wear a facial covering that covers your mouth and nose until you are seated at your table. You may remove your covering for eating, or drinking, but it's important to use it when moving about. 


Social distancing: Social distancing is still in effect everywhere outside the home, so please be sure to maintain six feet of distance between yourself and anyone outside the small group you traveled with, even when outdoors. 


Handwashing: Keeping your hands clean and germ-free is more important than ever, so be prepared to wash regularly and bring hand sanitizer for a more convenient option. 


Limited capacity: Stores are just one of business types that have limited capacity. When you head to a shop, there may be an employee outside counting customers. Please respect the six foot or more social distancing rule when you have to wait your turn to enter the store or business. Most entities have placed marks on the floor or ground for you to stand on. 


Restaurant Reservations and manners: While social distancing is still in effect, reservations are suggested. Not all take them, but many have a system in place to let you know when a spot is ready once you are on site. When entering a restaurant to dine, expect fewer patrons, tables spaced further apart, paper or washable menus and wait staff wearing face masks. 


Bar areas:

For now our restaurants have been advised that patrons are not to congregate in service or other areas. You will notice that bar stools have been removed in high risk areas. It's always a important to remember to wear your mask when moving about and entering enclosed spaces like restrooms or walkways. Please do not congregate around the bar area or on a dance floor. While it's tempting to do this, it remains a high risk activity. Follow the pedestrian friendly arrows on the floor or ground when moving around the establishment. 


Parking lots:

Please also be courteous in parking lots. Parking lots are for parking only. Please pay attention to traffic patterns, some patterns of them have been changed to accommodate take out business. 


Other Businesses:

Many businesses and government agencies have employees working from remotely, and are not open for walk-in pedestrian traffic. Most will have a sign on the door or a post on their website directing you as to how to best interact with them. 


Changes in accommodations protocol: Your hotel or rental may reach out to you before your arrival to provide instructions for checking in and out that have been modified due to COVID-19. Housekeeping services may have also been changed so please follow all instructions to make your stay easy.


Supporting local business: Many small businesses including our fishing boats have been closed since the start of COVID-19, so show them some love by opting for local businesses with their product offerings and cuisines. 


Follow the new rules and regulations (view them here) and you’ll be just fine!


Please be aware that when you cross County or State lines the rules and regulations may vary. The Kent Narrows Waterfront is in Queen Anne’s County. (view county-specific information here) 


Enjoy the outdoors

When enjoying our parks and trails:


Please adhere to social distancing guidelines when using our parks trails. If you come to a narrow part of a trail, please step aside in a safe area and take turns. 


While it's nice to park your car so that you can see the views, please remember that many of our lots sit adjacent to businesses and residential properties. Please park in lots that have the most spaces available in them and avoid blocking entrances to businesses or residential property. If you are using the trails, you can almost always find spots in parking areas under the bridge. 


Help us to keep Kent Narrows Clean

Please keep our places litter and trash free. If you are coming here to fish, please use the proper receptacles to dispose of your hooks and lines or carry them out with you. Please do not leave them in a trash can,  it poses a hazard to others and to our wildlife. 


Plan Your Visit!

Look into your desired destinations at least a week ahead of time to be prepared on what to expect. Visit our website for updates: Kentnarrowsmd.com and follow the links to County and State rules and regulations, find our what businesses are open and access direct (ad free) web links to most of the businesses in our area.


While we look forward to welcoming you, please remember to travel in small groups (your family unit) and please stay home if you’re feeling sick.


Remember to bring your face covering! 


Enjoy your visit!! 

Things may be a bit different this year, but there’s still plenty of unique adventures and fun to be had.