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Welcome to the Kent Narrows Development Foundation's Vendor Information Page.

This page contains active Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualification

Currently the Kent Narrows Development Foundation has one active request for qualifications posted.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the PDF version of this RFI.

Posted October 31, 2020 

Responses due January 6, 2021

Request for Qualifications

Pedestrian Wayfinding System Program

Phase One: Design

Kent Narrows Development Foundation



The Kent Narrows Development Foundation invites all interested, qualified persons, or firms capable of providing the required products, to submit bids for the planning and design, of a pedestrian wayfinding system to include wayfinding signage for the Kent Narrows Waterfront area. 


The following specifications and attachments describe the minimum requirements acceptable to the Foundation.



As part of the Kent Narrows Community Plan, The Kent Narrows Development Foundation and Queen Anne’s County has identified the need a pedestrian wayfinding system targeted at increasing the traveling public’s access to the region’s waterfront businesses, attractions and amenities. 


The design will be developed with the intent to enhance the sense of place and the maritime-based community that is in and around the Kent Narrows Waterfront. The area zoned Waterfront Village Center is defined in Chapter 18.1 of the Queen Anne’s County, Maryland  Code. The attached map indicates the project area.




Kent Narrows Development Foundation plans to develop a pedestrian oriented wayfinding system that supports primary, secondary, and tertiary wayfinding to support pedestrian ways and cycling routes.


Sign design must be durable, adaptable, reflective, and meet the Maryland Department of Transportation’s minimum requirements for pedestrian signs where deemed necessary. Design must flow well and complement vehicular signs that are designed to serve the travelers who are unfamiliar with the area. 


The selected vendor will be expected to supply the following:

1.Specifications for design, fabrication and installation of :


a) Primary Directional Signs. Primary signs are to be located along pedestrian ways, trails and parks and other area that are frequented by pedestrians and cyclist. 


b) Secondary Directional Signs. Secondary signs are to reflect the design of the of the Primary Directional Signs and shall be placed in county-owned/leased public parking areas throughout the district. Signs will direct pedestrians to trails, boat launches, heritage markers and picnic/ areas pavilions.


c) Tertiary Directional Signs. Tertiary signs are the smallest version of wayfinding. They are intended for giving cyclist and pedestrians directional information. They are to be placed along the trails and walkways that lead into and out of the WVC.


d) Destination graphics placed on a kiosk. These signs are scaled to be easily identified by pedestrian traffic and may include a “You are here map”. 


e) Design of complementary sign templates for new parking and regulatory signs 


f) A graphic standards manual to support all sign related graphics



2) Placement plan  will be done in coordination with the Kent Narrows Development Foundation’s Sign Committee and  reviewed and approved by Queen Anne’s County Department of Parks & Recreation and Department of Public Works.  The County reserves the right to approve all proposed sign locations. 


3) Landscaping/maintenance recommendations. Designs that requiring the least amount of maintenance will be favored.




RFQ Release

October 31, 2020 


Vendor Deadline for Questions (See Questions and answers to date below)

December 4, 2020

Please direct questions to Gigi Windley



Responses to RFQ are Due

January 6, 2021


Vendor Interviews

January 15-23, 2021 Extended to January 26-29.


Final Notification of Qualified Vendors

These vendors will be eligible to bid on a forthcoming RFP for the Design Phase of the Project (Phase 1) will be issued by January 31, 2021. Extended to February 8, 2021. 


Once Phase one is complete, subsequent RFPs will be issued for the Fabrication (Phase 2) and Installation Phases (Phase 3) of the project.


Submittal Requirements


Vendors should submit four (4) full color copies of their proposal. Submittals should be kept to the minimum necessary length to explain the vendor’s attributes and proposed pricing structure for the various parts of  Phase One. Each copy of the submission should be complete and include the following minimum requirements:


1.A brief company history.


2. A short narrative of the vendor’s unique approach to the project which should include a timeline.


3. At least three references from a current or past client where vendor has supplied similar



4. Proof of insurance coverage.


5. Qualifications of personnel assigned to the project. 


Please note that:

All design should be consistent with the Kent Narrows Community Plan. (See Design Guidelines, page 94  and Chapter 18.1 Signage Regulations of the Queen Anne’s County Code.

Completeness of Submission:


Forms must be signed by a representative of the company authorized to bind the firm contractually. 



1. Selected vendor shall comply with all County and State of Md. code requirements.

2. Selected vendor shall ensure that all signs comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA Section 4.30 Signage; Section 4.30.5 Finish and Contrast; Section 4.30.6 Mounting and Location and Height.


Evaluation Process

The Kent Narrows Development Foundation reserves the right to determine which qualifications best serves the organization and its customers. 


A. Review of Proposals

The Kent Narrows Development Foundation will use a point formula during the review process to score proposals. The Kent Narrows Development Foundation reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted. 


B. Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria. Firms meeting the mandatory criteria will have their proposals evaluated and scored for technical qualifications.


The following represent the principal selection criteria that will be considered during the evaluation process.


Mandatory Elements


The firm has no conflict of interest with regard to any other work performed by the firm for the Kent Narrows Development Foundation to Queen Anne’s County.


The firm adheres to the instructions in this request for proposal on preparing and submitting the RFQ.



(Maximum Points - 100)


Experience (Maximum Points - 30)


The firm's past experience and performance on comparable projects.


Expertise (Maximum Points - 30)


The quality of the firm's professional personnel to be assigned to the project. (Sub-contractors are allowed but must be approved. )


Approach to Project Design (Maximum Points - 20)


Design quality of past projects and the extent the proposed goods and services meet the Kent Narrows Development Foundation/ Queen Anne’s County’s needs. 


Thought given to the costs associated with the long-term cost maintaining the proposed signs.


Conformance with RFQ requirements. (Maximum Points – 5)


References. (Maximum Points –15)


Proposal Submittal Deadline


Notice is hereby given that the requests for qualifications will be received by the Kent Narrows Development Foundation for Pedestrian Wayfinding System Program

Interested parties should submit their qualifications to:


The Kent Narrows Development Foundation

ATTN: Georgeanna Windley, Executive Director

Chesapeake Heritage and Visitor Center 

425 Piney Narrows Rd

Chester, MD 21619


Proposals are to be submitted by January 6, 2020

4:00 p.m. (EST.)


Final Selection and Award

January 29, 2021

the following has changed since the original post:

Proposals received after the foregoing date and time will not be considered. Proposals will not be accepted via email.  Proposals will be accepted by USPS or other courier service that requires a proof of delivery receipt. In- person delivery will also be accepted, but please call with a call to arrange the delivery time. (Should be between 9 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on weekdays. This is due to the uncertainty related to COVID) USPS or by in-person delivery. Vendors accept all risk of late delivery of mailed qualifications regardless of intendancy or fault.


All submittals must be labeled Wayfinding Signs with the firm’s name on the outside of the sealed envelope. Interested parties should submit four (4) full color copies of their proposal on 8.5” x 11” paper.


Questions concerning the proposal should be directed to Gigi Windley at Calls will be taken at 302-242-9283.


These RFQ documents are also available on the Kent Narrows Development Foundation website at


General Conditions 

Reserved Rights: The Kent Narrows Development Foundation reserves the right to:


•Modify or cancel the selection process or schedule at any time;

•Waive minor irregularities;

•Reject any and/or all responses to this RFQ and to seek new proposals when it is in the best interest of the Foundation to do so;

•Seek clarification or additional information from respondents as it deems necessary to the

evaluation of the response;

•Request any additional information or evidence from individual respondent's, including but not

limited to evidence of the respondent's financial status;

•Incorporate this RFQ and the selected team's response to this RFQ as a part of any formal


Successful vendors must complete a W-9 form (Taxpayer Identification No.);


The Kent Narrows Development Foundation is exempt from all local, State, and Federal taxes; and the Kent Narrows Development Foundation reserves the right to reject any and all quotes and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in quotes received and to accept any portion of the quote if deemed in the best interest of the Kent Narrows Development Foundation.


Hold Harmless 

By participation in this RFQ process, development teams agree to hold harmless the Kent Narrows Development Foundation its officers and employees from all claims, liabilities, and costs related to all aspects of the development team selection process.



All expenses related to any development team’s response to this RFQ, or other expenses incurred while the selection process is underway, are the sole obligation and responsibility of that development team.

Please submit signed form with your RFQ





Signature of Vendor






Printed name and address and contact phone number and email




Questions and Answers 

What level of public input is anticipated? 


Expect two sessions via Zoom call. One session will be with our board members who are commercial property owners and business operators in the district. Public officials from planning and zoning, tourism, parks and rec and the bicycle and pedestrian committee will be included. 


The second session will be trail and walkway users. We will attempt to contact some recent visitors who are unfamiliar with the area to include in this group.


Should we anticipate that most meetings will continue to be virtual through the first half of 2021?



Are you interested in a comprehensive master plan, that considers additional wayfinding tools, such as digital wayfinding, interpretive information or placemaking landmarks (i.e. public art)?

Yes, we partner with the economic development and tourism office and can apply for promotional funds, grant funds to cover public art, heritage markers and other public amenities. While we won’t have all of the funds in hand to cover all of the things at one, we need a master plan to keep us on track.

As far as digital wayfinding, we’d like to first focus on-the-ground design before we go to a digital user interface. 


We are open to suggestions. We like to focus on supplying our promotional partners with native digital content since there are already so many digital wayfinding tools available.  


There are already many interpretative signs around the waterfront. The design styles are different. Some adhere to the National Park’s Service Standards, some to the State of Maryland’s Trails e.g. the Star Spangled Banner Trail or the War of 1812 Trail. Other information-giving signs are older and out­-of­-date. They were funded through the scenic byways program. 


Is there any branding, logo or identity work desired for the project area?

We have a logo for Kent Narrows but, want to modernize. The County has a grant from the USDA to rebrand and we plan to work with them to coordinate and refresh of our logo. 


Please confirm this is a Request for Qualifications only and that Fees are not being requested as part of this RFQ submission? 



Is there a not-to-exceed budget you have in mind for the design and planning? 

Is there a budget for Fabrication/Installation? This would provide us a reasonable idea of the quantity of signs that may need to be planned and site checked.


$20,000 set aside to begin the project.  Keeping in mind, that once we have an idea as to the possibilities for additional design, fabrication and installation a, budget will be developed for subsequent phases. 

There is a section that reads: Design must flow well and complement vehicular signs that are designed to serve the travelers who are unfamiliar with the area. Can you provide any information or visuals for the vehicular signs?


See attached photos



For the destination graphics placed on a kiosk that may include a “You are here map”. Can you provide an approximate quantity of maps that will need to be developed to help us estimate the hours that will required?


Four overall maps (same graphic with “you are here” changed) and five sectional maps embedded into larger maps. The base graphics of the sectional maps can be pulled from the larger map with detail added. We have base maps that can be used and modified. 


 Selected vendor shall comply with all County and State of Md. code requirements, is it fair to assume that you are referring to MDOT codes and MUCTD?




At the bottom of the RFI, there is a line to sign and date. Does the signed RFI need to be part of the submittal?


Yes, please submit page 5&6

Do you intend to reuse any elements from the existing sign system? (The same materials, structural supports, design styles?) 


That is to be determined. Some supports and existing kiosk structures will most likely be utilized.


Are there existing design documents for the current sign system that will be made available for review? 


There is no coordinated pedestrian wayfinding system except for a few signs to the Cross Island Trail. A bicycle and pedestrian base map is available online.


Does the current sign system exist in a GIS type format that is available for the successful consultant?


No not fully. 


Under the Completeness of Submission section, is the only form required found on page 6 of the RFQ?


Please submit page 5&6


Will vendor Interviews take place in-person or as a teleconference?

They will take place via teleconference on a Zoom platform. 


Can you provide any additional information regarding the interviews and what to expect or so vendors can prepare?


An agenda will be sent out at least one wee k(five working days) prior to the scheduled meeting.


How many vendors will be selected to advance to the RFP phase? 

All who are qualified.


Is the RFP deadline still planned for January 31, 2020?


Yes, but we may adjust depending on circumstances associated with the pandemic. We will let vendors know of that adjustment once they are qualified. 


Can you clarify the statement on page 5: “Proposals will not be accepted via email USPS or by in-person delivery?”


See adjustment on the original post. (This is due to the uncertainty related to COVID)

Proposals received after the foregoing date and time will not be considered. Proposals will not be accepted via email.  Proposals will be accepted by USPS or other courier service that requires a proof of delivery receipt. In- person delivery will also be accepted, but please call ahead to arrange the delivery time. (Should be between 9 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on weekdays. This is due to the uncertainty related to COVID) Vendors accept all risk of late delivery of mailed qualifications regardless of intendancy or fault.

Will the Foundation reconsider allowing electronic proposal submissions that can be emailed or e-transferred in place of mailed hard copies?


Four hard copies are required. Should you wish to supply a link to the documents, you may, but this should be cited in the hard copy document.

Please verify the Bidding Documents will only include Directional Signs (3) and Map Kiosk Signs 


We are also looking to incorporate elements that are identified in the new graphic standards into gateway signs that may eventually be placed along key entry points. 


Please verify the Template Document will only include Parking Signs and Regulatory Signs

Elements of the template design may eventually be used elsewhere so aspect ratios should be as adjustable as possible. 


Please verify the Graphic Standards Manual will include all sign types – Directional Signs (3), Map Kiosk Signs, Parking Signs, and Regulatory Signs




Please expand on the quantity/definition/description of “Parking Signs” and “Regulatory Signs”


We are not there yet on quantities. That’s why we are doing an RFQ first. We need to selected vendor to map out the best possible placements for the signs. We have several parking lots that feed our pedestrian ways. They are currently not named or labeled so that a visitor can understand exactly what lot they are in. We aim to correct this. Each lot has parking regulations associated with it. The regs may be different depending on the physical location of the lot.


Please expand on the scope of the Graphic Standards Manual as this can vary widely by project in our experience. For example: Sign drawings, graphic layouts, color specifications, and typical placements alone or additionally include ongoing maintenance plans, reorder procedures, approval process, etc.


At this point we are looking for mainly color specs, layouts, sign drawings and placements. 


We would be only looking at the costs for maintenance and ease reordering at this juncture. 

Additional questions concerning the proposal should be directed to Gigi Windley at Calls will be taken at 302-242-9283 please call this number to arrange for an in person delivery.

Please click on the PDF below for a printable version of the RFQ

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